Friday, March 28, 2008

The First Ten Days

Samuel is now 10 days old and what a crazy 10 days it has been in the Davis household! Here are the highlights (and some pictures):

  • Samuel lost nearly a pound during his first week of life which has meant many trips to the doctor's office. At this rate, he may actually beat his brother Kevin's record! :) He is back up to 7 lbs. 2 oz. and making the doctors very happy at moment. He also has jaundice, which has concerned us slightly this week since his eyes started to turn slightly yellow. Samuel had a heart murmur at birth, so we went for an echo cardiogram on Monday. Apparently, they send them all to Children's in Little Rock to be interpreted and then a report will be sent back to our pediatrician. We hope to hear something when we go back for his two week check up on Wednesday. Other than all that, he is doing really well.

  • Kevin has enjoyed having a brother so far. He loves to talk to Samuel and gets this funny high pitched voice when he does. He lovingly calls him "Bubba" and thinks that he can only kiss him on the lips, so that is rather humorous at times. My mom was here for the week and they had a big time playing hide and seek, going to the park, watching the Bee Movie, etc. He actually cried when he realized that she was gone, which makes my heart break. I have tried to keep life as normal as possible for Kevin, but some things are just difficult no matter how you slice them... try explaining breast feeding to a 3 year old. He now says "Samuel eat you", so I can only guess what he says in his classes at church and school! :)

  • Brian has taken everything in stride this time around. He loves to hold, burp and feed Samuel (although we are still struggling on the diaper duty!). He has taken on nearly all responsibility for Kevin as I physically cannot lift or wrestle him at this point, so that has been a huge blessing. Work is keeping him busy, as always. He did get to spend his birthday at a golf tournament with an ingredient supplier and some other guys from work, so I think the day turned out good for him!
  • As for me, I have been feeling amazingly good this time around! It is crazy how much better the c-section was not having to go through labor first! :) I did have alot of help though since mom came to stay for 6 days. It was great to have her here and hard to see her leave. I love living in NW Arkansas, but it is SO hard to be far away from my family! Needless to say, I am still a little on the hormonal side and the lack of sleep is never a positive thing for me! :) All in all though, I spend my days gazing at Samuel and wondering how it is that I have been so blessed. I thank God for each of my boys (including Brian) and look forward to the many miracles He has planned for the days to come!
Samuel ready to go home from the hospital

Samuel hanging out in the boppy at home, four days old (Thomas watch courtesy of Kevin)

Kevin and Samuel on 3-25-08. I love the look on Samuel's face!

Kevin, Samuel & Brian having storytime before bed on 3-27-08

Birthday Cake for Daddy

Brian turned 32 on Tuesday and to celebrate, my mom thought she would help Kevin make cupcakes for him! I missed the actual cake baking process although I received some highlights from mom, including how Kevin poured the cake mix from the box to the bowl and then proceeded to lean over and stick his tongue into the cake mix! :)

I did get to witness the frosting and decorating, which was hilarious. The child couldn't keep the knife out of his mouth long enough to frost a single cupcake, so mom gave him the job of adding the M&M's. His OCD tendancies came out a bit as you will notice... only M&M's that are the same color could go on the cupcake.

All in all it was a great time and we made lots of memories! We are going to have to work hard to top it next year! :)

Taking time to say "cheese" while decorating the cupcakes

Adding the M&M's

The celebration and candles with Daddy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our New Addition...

Samuel Joe Davis is officially here! He was born Tuesday, March 18th at 9:12 am at Willow Creek Women's Hospital in Johnson, AR. He weighed in at 7 lbs. and 12 ounces and measured 21 inches long.

Samuel & Traci are both doing okay following the c-section. Things got a little crazy for a minute or two as the doctors had some problems getting Samuel out. And then it took him what seemed like a lifetime to cry! But all in all things went great and we are SO VERY thankful for our little miracle.

Kevin seems to love his little brother, but he is confused by the hospital and very concerned about his mommy. He is staying with Aunt Bo and Unc, so hopefully that will keep him distracted for now.

We will post more soon!! :)