Saturday, August 16, 2008


So, this week I officially became "mom". I honestly can't tell you when it happened, but I can tell you that I don't like it at all! :) I am not really sure what I expected -- you don't hear many adults refer to their parents as "mommy & daddy" but I guess I wanted to stay "Mommy" forever.
Just another sign that Kevin is growing up each day and that somehow the things you take for granted will just creep right up on you! I know that "mom" is a very special word too, but somehow it just seems so foreign. Although, I must admit that when he is excited he says "mom, mom, mom" really fast which is kinda cute.
I look forward to the days that I will get to be Samuel's "mommy". Somehow those days just didn't last nearly long enough with Kevin.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What Kids Won't Say

Okay, so Kevin is a bit on the crazy side and has done & said some funny things lately...
  • In the car, out of the blue, Kevin announces "I have my running pants on." To which, Brian and I both say "What?" His answer, "You can't get me cuz I have my running pants on.

  • Tonight I said, "Kevin's a Hog" to which he replied "No mommy, I'm a Boy!"

  • Last week he came out of his room singing "Who let the dogs out... ruff, ruff, ruff"

  • The other day Sam was crying on the way to daycare and Kevin said... "mom, he wants his mom." To which I replied that his mom was driving and Sam would just have to wait until we got to daycare. Kevin then changed his approach and responded "mom, he wants his dad"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our "Family Vacation"

We took a trip to Tulsa yesterday, which Brian termed this year's "family vacation". Mainly because we haven't really managed to plan anything else this summer and somehow it seems to have gotten away from us! :) Besides, who really wants to go any further than Tulsa with 2 small kids!

We took Kevin to the zoo last year, so this year we thought we would check out the aquarium. The aquarium was nice, but it was quite expensive for no more than it was. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Kevin's favorite thing (and motivation for going) was the SHARKS. He called the big ones "grandpa" and the little ones "babies". He didn't quite understand the concept of them all being behind the glass and kept saying "I don't want to touch them". After we had been there about an hour or so, Kevin decided that he wanted to eat and much like Sam, when hungry the child has a one track mind. Needless to say about every other sentence from that point on was "I'm hungry" or "Let's eat lunch".

After the aquarium we headed to the mall. Our original plan was to eat at the food court there, but on the way we spotted a Cheesecake Factory and so on to plan B... although not really a place for children, we braved the unknown and ate there anyway. Kevin was really good which was an answer to prayer as you never can tell with a 3 year old! :) After we ate WAY too much yummy food and cheesecake, it was on to the mall. We walked around for awhile and finally decided it was time to head home.

It was a GREAT day being together -- just the 4 of us! :)

Once Kevin realized that this alligator wasn't real, he LOVED it! :)

Kevin feeding the turtles

Kevin & Brian at the aquarium

Samuel at the aquarium

New Toy at the Davis'

Each year, Brian has my permission to buy ONE Playstation game. Usually it is NCAA football which comes out about this time each year. However, this year Brian decided he wanted to get Guitar Hero instead. So Friday night, he and Kevin went out to Sam's in search of a game. When they got home, I was one the computer and Kevin comes running in saying "mommy, mommy, daddy bought me Rock Guitar Band". Although the child cannot play it, he absolutely loves it and wants daddy to be the "pink girl" quite often! :) Sam,on the other hand, will sometimes watch, but has also learned how to sleep through guitar hero rather well!

Brian offered to teach me to play -- although you know my coordination skills aren't really that great (not sure they have ever been good). It seems he will have some takers on that though as folks in Sunday School this morning were already discussing the need for a second guitar! :)

Kevin & Brian playing

Sam watching the boys play

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just a Swimmin'

Last weekend Brian & I managed to wrestle 4 boys and live to tell about it (can you believe it?). Seriously, though, we got to keep our nephews Jacob and Jonathan while their parents went on some crazy BBQ excursion to Kansas City. I will tell you that I get to have all the fun as the kids are SO much more FUN than meat! :)

We had a great time! The boys play great together... the only problem is the occassional opportunity to teach "sharing". Friday night we ate pizza and watched Disney. They couldn't decide between Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse, so we alternated.
On Saturday, we set up my bargain blow-up pool ($10 clearance special) and had a BLAST. Even Sam got in on the FUN!

Cereal Time

You may not be able to tell that he loves to eat from the picture, but Sam is getting accustomed to "real" food. I am not sure that is what most folks would call rice cereal, but at least we eat it with a spoon! At first he hated it and everything got spit (and I do mean SPIT) back out at me. But lately we have tried mixing in a touch of pear juice and it has seemed to do the trick. He would probably lick the bowl clean now (if he was that coordinated!). He is probably wearing as much in the picture below as he actually ate! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Samuel's 4 month appointment

Samuel had his 4 month doctor's appointment today. He is 26 inches long (90%) and weighs 15 lbs. and 9 oz. (75%). He has grown a whole inch and gained 3 lbs. in the last 2 months!

Dr. Lovell says he is doing great and that he will see us again at 6 months. We got 3 shots and another dose of the oral vaccine we got the last time. They are supposedly the exact same vaccines we had at two months, so I am hoping we won't get sick/run fever this time either!

In the last couple months he has probably done more than I can really remember, but a couple noteworthy things are...

1) He learned to hold his bottle on his own. Kevin learned this one early too, so I guess my kids love their food! I find that really hard to believe! :)

2) He discovered his feet/toes while we were at my mom's in July. He doesn't put them in his mouth and "chew" on them like Kevin did, but he loves to hold onto them (see picture below).

Samuel still has an issue with his tear duct/eye. Dr. Lovell had always told us that his tear duct would open on it's own and thatthe "goopy" eye would go away. This time he did tell me that it could still open on its own but the older he gets, the less likely it is to correct itself. The good news is that they won't do anything with it until after he is one, so we have plenty of time for it to fix itself! :)