Sunday, February 17, 2008

Odds & Ends

Where does the time go? This clip of Kevin on his new bike is from several weeks ago, but somehow I haven't managed to post it until now! Hope you enjoy it and the following short update on us...

A couple weekends ago, my grandparents surprised us by stopping by. May not seem like a big deal to many of you, but they live 8 hours away! :) We were thrilled to get to spend some time with them. They were on their way to Atlanta, where grandma was going to stay while grandpa went to Jamacia for a week on a mission trip! Kevin warmed up to having them here fairly quickly and loved the attention. He got so excited that most of the time "G.G." came out "Luigi" (like on his Cars movie).

Then last weekend Brian's parents came to stay with us! It is always good to see them and the boys made sure I didn't "over do" it and made a run for some Thai food (and a salad for me!) I think that was just a good excuse to get some much wanted Thai food, but I was grateful nonetheless! On Saturday, the boys (Brad & Brain) and Pops went on a little excursion while Mom and I enjoyed some time with the little boys (Jacob, Kevin & Jonathan). They are great kids and the only problem was a few opportunities to learn sharing! Note: Belinda was in Thailand on a mission trip for 10 days. I am now unsure what I would EVER do if we lived far apart!

This week was a CRAZY one at our house! Both Brian and Kevin got sick, so I had my hands full! :) On top of all that, I had my tooth worked on again on Valentine's Day. We are hopeful that this is the last time for this crazy tooth! In between everything, we managed to go to the doctor and celebrate Valentine's day! The doctor appointment went well. I am measuring right where I should be and Samuel's heartbeat was good. My blood pressure is still doing great too! I do like Dr. Cole, so that is a huge blessing -- he is extremely nice, just older which still kinda weirds me out. I have still only gained 13 lbs, which is fairly amazing considering I had gained 30 at this time with Kevin! Somehow, we have managed to survive the week and I even got a bouquet of beuatiful roses from my husband. We are just hoping this next week is a little better!

Yesterday, our Sunday School class had a baby shower for Samuel. We didn't really need anything, but it was fun to get together and fellowship. Samuel did get some great gifts, but mommy's favorites were the handmade stuff and of course the shoes from Thailand! We have some very talented women in my class (I am not one of them!) and Samuel benefited greatly. One of them made his bedding, which is just adorbale! I can't wait to get the room settled so that I can post some pictures! :) I spent the rest of the day in what Brian terms as "nesting" which basically means doing things that need to be done but he wants no part in! :) I did get everything halfway "situated" and even started writing in Samuel's baby book.

Well, tomorrow starts another crazy week, so I best get to bed. Much love to all...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our countdown to Samuel...

Only 44 days left... can you BELIEVE it?

We went back to the doctor last Monday (January 28th) and everything is well. I measured right where I should be and have only gained 13 pounds which made Dr. Gorman extremely happy! :)

We scheduled my c-section for Tuesday, March 18th at 8:45 AM. So, unless he decides to come early, we are on the countdown to the 18th. The doctor that will do my c-section is Dr. Cole. I haven't seen him at all this pregnancy and only saw him once with Kevin. The clinic we go to has several different doctors and usually you just rotate and see all of them at least once; then whoever is on call delivers your baby. From what I remember about Dr. Cole, he is an older doctor and I just didn't hit it off with him like I did some of the others the first time around.... so I haven't been back to see him. I will see him next time though (Feb. 12th), so please pray that I really like him this time and that I am at peace with him delivering Samuel! We all know it is really in God's hands anyway, but I want to be EXCITED instead of nervous! :)

Originally, the 18th still seemed like a LONG time away... but the more time I spend thinking about it, I realize that it is right around the corner! I have attached a couple pictures. I hate pictures of myself, but everyone (especially my family that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving) keeps asking, so here you go...

Me -- getting BIGGER by the day -- although I still have to pull my pants up every few minutes! What is up with that?

Kevin giving Samuel kisses... not sure he truly understands, but he likes to give him kisses, nose rubs, and ocassionally sing to him!