Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Crazy Kevin Story

Brian & I went to the football game on Saturday and left the boys in the hands of a babysitter. We don't get one very often but Courtney has kept Kevin before. Although it has been awhile, because she hadn't ever met Sam.
In preparation, I started talking to him about Courtney a few days beforehand. I don't know where he gets this stuff, but here is the conversation as we laid in his bed for nap time:

Me: "Kevin, you need to go to sleep because Miss Courtney is going to come play with you in a little bit"
Kevin: "Mom, I like Courtney"
Me: "Good Kevin, I like Courtney too"
Kevin: "And you know what else? I like Courtney's dad"
Me: "Baby, I don't think you know Courtney's dad"
Kevin: "Yes, I do... his name is aww choo aww choo" (which is what the child calls R2D2 from Star Wars)

While I tried to contain myself, I couldn't help but laugh, which of course only encouraged his silliness. Needless to say he never did take a nap! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Chicken Show

So, in what appears to be more & more "normal" for my child, here is a conversation Kevin & I had on the way home from church...

Kevin: "Look mom, there's chickens on that truck"
Me: "Yep, where do you think they are going?"
Kevin: "They are going to the plant mom"
Me: "What do you think they are going to do at the plant?"
Kevin: "They are going to sing Veggie Tales" (note: here he broke into the Veggie Tales song)
Me: "What do you suppose they will do after they are done singing Veggie Tales?"
Kevin: "Well, they are gonna get a trophy, a BIG purple one"

I have no idea where this child comes up with these things! But good to know that thinks all the chickens go to plants to sing Veggie Tales. If he only knew!:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few more pics

So, I couldn't quit tonight without a few final pics of the boys. These two are some of my favorites and PRICELESS! :)

Sam in the swing outside a couple weeks ago when it was nice (thus no shirt). I love it when I get this look... it is like an old man that doesn't have hair or teeth!

It has now turned a little colder here and mornings are usually in the 40's (to which Kevin tells me that it is too cold -- I am convinced that the child would not survive winter in Nebraska!). Anyway, Kev loves jackets that have hoods and trust me, the hood is ALWAYS meant to be UP! :)

Six Months ALREADY!!

How hard it is to believe that my BABY is already six months old! I guess time flies right by when you are busy! :) We had our 6 month check up last week and are diong great! Dr. Lovell was terribly shocked by how much the boys look alike. He is fully convinced that if I was able to sit a 6 month old Kevin next to a 6 month old Sam, that Brian wouldn't be able to tell them apart! :) Note: he says it is a little more difficult to fool moms! :)
Samuel is 27 1/4" long (85%) and weighs 17 lbs and 3 oz. (50%). He is doing all the right things for his age and we have started on FOOD. He absolutely loves eating and definitely prefers anything orange to green. Carrots and Sweet Potatoes are his favorite veggies and I have only allowed one fruit (pears) because I know that he won't want to eat anything else if I am not careful!
He doesn't officially crawl, but the child is very resourceful and can get to just about anything that he wants if you put him on the floor. I wasn't near as nervous about all that when Kevin was his age, but then, we didn't have an older one that liked to leave little toys lying around either! :) This morning I set him in the middle of the floor and he was 5 feet away from where I had put him when I came back in the room.

Samuel & his slinky (thanks aunt Tonya!)