Friday, January 16, 2009

My Boys

A new picture of the boys...

Hudson's another year older!!

Hudson turned 4 this past week and we got to celebrate with him at Chuck E Cheese! The boys had a GREAT time, so I wanted to share...

Hudson playing games

Brian & Kevin playing shoot em up

Kevin & Bob the Builder

More game fun


And Cake too!

Why is it that we have crazy glasses pictures with each of Hudson's parties?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Samuel Fun...

A little mohawk for Sam (a little fun since Kevin never had the hair!)

Sam's new ride! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our New Year's Fun

Well, technically it wasn't New Year's... it was January 2nd, but I sure am hoping the rest of the year goes much more smooth in the Davis household! Friday morning, I went to work and Brian took the morning shift with Sam (since he can't go back to daycare yet). I think I made it through an hour of work before I got a call from the daycare telling me that Kevin had fell, hit the edge of the wall, and had a cut under his left eyebrow. The kid was hysterical (trust me, I could hear him in the background) and wouldn't let them put anything on it to stop the bleeding. So, I left work to go calm him and check it all out. By the time I got there, they had bribed him with a sucker (great idea!) and had the bleeding almost stopped.
I tried to call the pediatrician's office and of course, they were closed for the holiday, so I took him to the doctor's office Brian & I use with hopes that they would work him in. Sure enough, they were gracious enough to see us. I was pleasantly surprised that Kevin handled it all so well (maybe it was the hard hit to the head)... he let the nurse clean it off with some water and look at it. Then the doctor came in and he let the doctor look at it. And finally he laid down and let the nurse put a steri-strip on it. He did so well that he earned a green glove (his request) and a Kung Fu Panda sticker! :) The doctor did give me the choice of putting a couple stitches in it... but I didn't want to totally freak him out... and besides... he is a boy and scars are COOL! :)

Here he is that evening... still with the green glove! :)

Random Stuff

Okay, so I have alot of random pictures and such that I thought it would be fun to share, but I didn't want to post each of them separate (I may be here all night!). So... I apologize ahead of time for the randomness...
Picture#1 - Samuel's granny gave him this mesh thing for Christmas. They may be old news, but I had never seen one before. You open it up and put food in it and then let the kiddo gnaw on it. Sam absolutely loves it! Makes a huge mess with it, but loves it nonetheless. His favorite by far has been bananas. Drawback - mom does not really like cleaning banana out of the mesh! :)
Picture #2 - I was hoping to get this picture before he turned his head but he didn't go for it. I was getting ready one morning last week and Brian had left Sam's half empty bottle on the table. Sam, being ever so resourceful, just decided to help himself. When I came out of the bedroom he had pulled himself up, tipped the bottle over and was standing there chowing down! :)

Picture#3 - Our first Cheetos experience at granny's -- what more is there to say?? :)

Picture #4 - Kevin, the meat inspector! :) Grandpa retired and Brian was showing Kevin the hard hat that Grandpa used to wear. Kevin would have probably worn it all night if we would have let him. Who knows, maybe someday he really will walk in his grandpa's footsteps! :)

And finally, my favorite, picture #5 - Kevin & Sam in my laundry basket (and you know that Kevin had to throw out all the clean, folded clothes to get in there). They think it is a fun "ride" as daddy spent time pushing them around the house in it! :) Notice that Kevin couldn't take off the green glove all night... here it is again! :)