Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So much for swearing...

Okay, so this post may not be what you originally thought based on the title! :)

But I SWORE I was going to be better about writing on this blog and not let a FULL month go by without adding pictures, stories, etc. to it. As you can tell, that worked SO well for me!!

The last month has been crazy.... Three of us (Sam, Brian & I) had birthdays in an 11 day time frame. Not to mention that Brian's brother (duh!) and mom fall into that 11 day time frame too!! Along with turning a year older, I got the precious gift of illness for my birthday and was laid up with pneumonia & bronchitis. Oh the joy of it!! :) We did manage to have Sam's family birthday party (A Curious George Party) at our house.... I felt pretty rotten, so there are only a few pictures, but I will get around to posting those eventually.

Sam managed to take a few steps 2 days before he turned 1 and has gotten rather good at toddling everywhere. He no longer looks around to see if he "thinks" he can make it to the next thing to hold on to! He is walking everywhere! Please don't ask me where the video footage is... I am obviously a bad parent as the video camera was not charged and I don't have any. I promise to get some soon!! :)

Last weekend, Saturday was beautiful so we took advantage and went to a community Easter egg hunt. It was crazy, but Kevin had fun and enjoyed eating the candy! He did notice that another little boy and girl (brother & sister) had only managed to collect one egg between the two of them, so he went over and put two of his eggs in each of their baskets. As a mom, it makes my month when he does things like that! :)

We also took him to Pizza Hut afterwards to use his "Book It" coupon. His school participates in Book It and reads to them each day to meet the qualifications for the program. He loved his Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza! :)

On Easter Sunday, it poured the rain and was very cold... so the boys couldn't possibly wear the short outfits I bought them! :( We went to church early and came home and stayed cozy and warm there the rest of the day. We tired to hunt Easter eggs inside, but Kevin isn't much for "hunting". He finds a few and then wants to eat the candy... no need to find anymore until the candy is gone! Brian & I eventually gave up and just showed him were the last few were hidden. Sam got to eat some of the M&M's that grandma sent to him and can I just tell you that he LOVES chocolate! The boy shoves those M&M's in his mouth like there is no tomorrow and then gets MAD when they are gone! :)

Okay, so... it was a quick update, but I promise to post some pictures this weekend! Love to all!