Friday, November 20, 2009


Change is hard for all of us. Sometimes I think it is harder for me than my kids... they are pretty resilient and I am fairly set in my ways! :)

Today we said goodbye to the daycare that we have called home for the past 4 1/2 years. It was time and God made it abundantly clear that we were making the right choice. But as with many goodbyes, it was harder than I had anticipated - well for me anyway.

Kevin has a knowledge that we are moving to a new school and has been there to visit twice. It appears like he may adjust well and he is genuinely excited about all the new things... but in his 4 1/2 year old mind, he doesn't comprehend that the change is permanent and that he will not be going back to Ms. Linda's class. at his old school. He honestly thinks that he will get to go to both. We are hopeful that his new teacher, Ms. Michelle, will be exactly what he needed. Brian really likes what he has seen so far, which is good as I think sometimes he is the more difficult one to please! :) Also, the new curriculum is a step up from where he was at. They are already working on sight words which is AWESOME since Kevin has a huge desire to read! :) On top of all this, he will get the opportunity to participate in a karate class weekly, which has him on Cloud 9! :)

Sam didn't feel well today when I picked him up - he was running a fever & I woke him from his nap, so needless to say he was in a mood! He seemed to sense that something was going on even though it is all really beyond his comprehension. Moving him was hard for me as he had an amazing teacher - Ms. 'Teresa or Ms. Reesa as he called her. She has done amazing things with him and most recently started teaching him all his colors. His new teachers (Ms. Jessie & Ms. Shelby) seem really sweet, although he wanted nothing to do with them today when we visited. It will be interesting to see how Monday goes for all of us! :) One of the best things about his class is their class pet Elmo the guinea pig! Sam was reluctant to show any interest at first - in anything in the class including Elmo. But by the time we were ready to go, he was wanting up to see him. He called Elmo a "kitty" but we are now on track that he is a "pig" -- "guinea" is just too hard for him! :)

Please say an extra prayer for us in the days ahead! I know that God is guiding us and growing us, but transitions are hard and we need all the help we can get!

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