Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween - Star Wars Style

Since I am playing a bit of catch-up here, I thought I would post a few Halloween pictures - very necessary before I move on to Christmas! :) We went with a Star Wars theme this year, with Kevin as Obi Wan and Sam as Yoda. They both were adorable (if I do say so myself) and we had a GREAT time.
We dressed up and headed off to Rogers for some family fun. First we stopped at Legacy House to get our pictures taken with our cousins. Kinda crazy stuff when you try to get 5 boys to all look at the camera, let alone smile! :) Pictures are coming -- Aunt Bo will be getting them this week. Then we stopped by Ms. Bonnie's house. Ms. Bonnie is a lady in our church that we love. She loves my boys too and gets such a kick out of seeing them! Finally, we made it to the Trunk or Treat that our church was sponsoring. It was a great night and we even made it home for the second half of the Arkansas game which made daddy very happy! :)
Brush your teeth, you must

The Jedi are ready to head out

Trick or Treating at Ms. Bonnie's

Yoda riding in style at the Trunk or Treat

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John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

The boys look amazing!! How fun.
I love Halloween!!