Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Celebrations 2009

While a large part of me was seriously depressed at not getting to make the planned trip to Nebraska for Christmas, I must admit that we had a really great Christmas -- just the four of us!

I ended up taking the 23rd off work - to do all my planned running around, grocery shopping, and now that we were no longer traveling, food preparations! :) For as long as I can remember, my immediate family always ate soup on Christmas Eve... and I thought I should bring that tradition to our house this Christmas (especially since I was missing home). So I spent the day busy with many, many little things! It was so nice to take a break from work and spend a little time on my own. Mommy time just doesn't happen anymore! :) I even rented a movie - The Ghost of Girlfriends Past - & watched it before the boys got home! :)

On Christmas eve, we headed to church. It was actually quite nice to celebrate Christmas Eve in our home church and with the folks that have become like family to us in so many ways! God truly has blessed us with an amazing church! I was a little nervous as I had both boys by myself (no childcare) since Brian was playing his tuba. To my surprise they both did really well and I really enjoyed it! :)

After church it was home to eat, open a few presents and decorate cookies for Santa. Brian & I have this little disagreement that we will need to come to terms on SOON! :) Growing up, we both did Christmas Eve very different... at our house we did our family Christmas & opened all our presents from my parents. At Brian's house, they only opened one present. We still haven't figured it out.... we compromised this year and let them open 3-4 presents a piece on Christmas Eve. More than Brian wanted to do and less than I wanted! I am sure one day we will get it all figured out and then someday our boys can go through this with their wives! :)

The best part of Christmas this year was definitely.... the SNOW!! :) Kevin came running into our room on Christmas morning saying "Get up mommy! It snowed!" I actually had to ASK the child if Santa came. He couldn't have cared less... just wanted to go outside and play. I was thankful for the snow as well. The white Christmas actually helped my mood! :) We did go outside and play in it for quite awhile that afternoon. I taught Kevin to make his first snow angel (see below) and we had a snowball fight, although I had to make his snowballs to throw at me. Sam just wanted the same thing that he wants EVERY time we go outside... to swing! And he cried and cried when it was time to come in. Kevin & I did try to take down Brian with the snowballs, but with little luck, we finally figured out the best way to get him in the snow was to tackle him! :) It worked!

Sam trying to walk in the snow

Kevin's first snow angel

Kevin playing on his jungle gym.
You would not believe how FAST he shot down that slide!

Just a swingin'

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John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I love how excited Kevin was about the snow. How cute. I love all your pictures, as usual!!!! The boys are adorable and I'm glad you had a great Christmas!