Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in Waldron

We had a terrific time having Christmas in Waldron with Brian's amazing family this past weekend. The boys LOVE getting to spend all that time with their cousins... and of course, we get to go to Michael's house! :)
I just thought I would share a few of the highlights...

Sam's new Elmo hat!
Kevin taking some fun toys out of his stocking

Kevin wearing Michael's Darth Vader mask

Michael's house is heaven for the boys! Look at all the Star Wars toys! :)

Sam getting some stocking help from Naint and Ninny

Sam talking to & loving on Jackson

Sam's new NASCAR

Kevin & Jonathan playing with Buzz Lightyear

Kevin opening presents

Kevin in his new Woody pajamas! He gave everyone a good laugh when he stripped down & tried them on right then & there. It was just as if uncle Kenny was still with us!

Helping Jackson unwrap presents

Sam got a head start on one of his gifts!
A big "thank you" to Brian's aunt Carolyn (Naint) for hostessing us. We had a BLAST and the bread was to die for (seriously!). To Ninny, for the great cake, hugs & of course all the manual labor (she loves to do the dishes!), And of course to Brian's parents, who always manage to spoil us... ALL of us! Sometimes I think I walk away more spoiled than my kids. We love all of you beyond MEASURE and are blessed to call you family!

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