Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Annual Christmas Letter

Merry, Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

Every year I really intend to get started on my Christmas letter early. In fact, this year we got our pictures taken mid-October which is a miracle for me! :) But alas, it was never meant to be as I am writing our Christmas letter on the blog on Christmas Day! The land of Wal-mart contributed to my delinquency this year... after 2 failed attempts at printing pictures for our Christmas cards, they managed to get 1/2 of them printed correctly...a mere week before Christmas. So, if you didn't receive a card from us... that would be why!

2009 has been another year of blessing, hardship, laughter and tears. I am always amazed when I actually sit and look back over the year all that God has done and continues to do in our lives...

Our little Samuel has grown up really quick! He has always been the "easier" of our two boys with his laid back personality and sleeping through the night at 8 weeks! :) But as we approach the ripe age of TWO something tells me that this too is bound to change. Sam loves to talk! Our pediatrician was impressed with the number of words he knew at his 18 month well check... and he definitely has not slowed down at all! His newest additions are Wal-Mart (his "mal-mart") and awesome (his "aw-fum"). I love all the new words, smiles and giggles. I feel blessed beyond measure when I pick him up from daycare and his eyes light up & he runs to me screaming "mommy". Sam did manage to get a large dose of the strong will that seems to run in this family. When we switched daycares in November he refused to talk to them for a week! Even now, he says one of the teachers names and not the other (even though he can if he wants to!). What he didn't inherit was any sort of coordination skills... he is always falling down, tripping, or crashing into something! At one point this year he had two different knots/bruises on his head and a cut on his eye and nose! :) And last but not least, Sam is a TRUE mini-me of Brian in SO many ways! If it weren't for those beautiful brown eyes, he would totally be just like his dad! :)

Kevin, on the other hand, seems to be more of a combination of mom and dad! He has started to look more like me (poor kid) but still has those very adorable and distinctive Davis dimples! :) He continues to amaze us in nearly every way! This year, I was struck with the harsh reality that Kevin is smarter than me... even if it is just when it comes to the planets! :) He spent the summer learning all about outer space & informed me one afternoon that Pluto is not a planet (I hate to tell him it was when I was growing up!). He is a bundle of energy and very, very smart. Earlier this year he wanted me to teach him to read. We are still working on it, but getting closer all the time! He likes to figure out which letter everything starts with and he is looking forward to Kindergarten next fall (mom on the other hand - not so much!). Kevin has done terrific at the new daycare and is learning something new everyday! He remembers EVERYTHING... especially places and the way to get somewhere! If you tell him we are going to church and drive a different way than normal, he is sure to let you know! :) He absolutely loves being a big brother and teaching Sam everything he knows. Sometimes mom & dad wish he would just stick to teaching the "good" things! On top of all this, Kevin has a very active imagination and loves to dress up in costumes, play pretend, etc. His favorite Christmas present was pajamas that look like Buzz Lightyear and Woody outfits! He BEGGED me to let him wear them over to Michael's house for Christmas and of course we gave in! :)

I am not sure much of ANYTHING has changed with Brian or I the past year... we are both still doing the same jobs (and still loving them!). He is still playing tuba in the church orchestra. And he still loves sports... including coaching Upwards football! God did call us to step up to be directors of our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) class this past year. It has been a challenge in following God and loving people that I didn't expect at first, but we have seen God work in some amazing ways and grow us in the process. We are a small part of a truly amazing class of people & we are excited to see what lies ahead of us in 2010! Our church continues to build and prepare to move to our new location next year... it is a very exciting time for us!

I have started to travel a little more this fall & winter with work. Brian has totally stepped in and picked up the slack without missing a beat. I think the boys enjoy their "daddy" time... even though I am not here to witness it first hand! Kevin does a good job of keeping me informed! :) Brian is a great dad and loves to play with them and teach them. He understands them at a whole different level than I can and it is my pleasure to be able to sit back and watch him work his magic. He invents "contests" or "games" to get Kevin motivated to do the things we want... like get dressed in the morning or pick up the toys at night. I am truly learning alot from him and our boys!

As I write this, I should by my plans and calculations be in Bloomfield, Nebraska, celebrating Christmas with my family. While I am disappointed on multiple levels that the weather kept us from traveling, I am continually reminded that God's plans are always better than our plans. I have thoroughly enjoyed just "being" with my boys at Christmas... attending Christmas Eve service at our church, decorating cookies for Santa, opening presents, playing in the SNOW, watching movies... my list could go on & on! I know that one day all too soon I will look back and wonder where these days went and how I missed so many of these moments.

I pray that each of you had an amazing Christmas that you truly treasure for years to come... regardless of how "smoothly" or according to plan it may have went. God continues to show me that His greatest blessings sometimes come in the disruptions or frustrations of life! My Christmas wish for each of you is that in 2010 God reveals Himself to you in amazing ways... in the big & small, in the gladness & sadness, in the rejoicing & frustration... through it ALL! May He truly bless each of you as only He can!

We love you each beyond measure,
the Davis family

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